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Sports Player Tracking and Analytics: Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2017 to 2023

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September 2017

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Worldwide sports analytics markets are poised to achieve significant growth as the coaches and players leverage information collected from sensors. Teams can realize significant competitive advantage by utilizing analytics capability effectively. All teams use analytics.

Tablets and smart phone communications systems make training information more cogent and more available, remaking all sport management everywhere. Video capability has been extended with analytics that provide automated capture of noteworthy player and team play events. Information services leverage automated process to make analytics more useful for fan sports enjoyment enhancement and to provide more useful information for fantasy players.

The value of sports analytics relates to the predictive capabilities provided. The best sports teams are the ones using the power of real-time information to their advantage. All teams use analytics, some are more able to integrate analytics into the decision-making process in a way that wins games. Real time information is a world of its own, some teams and players are able to integrate real time information.

The gamblers are prevented from gaming the analytics systems. Fraud is more easily detected and prevented.

Fantasy sports players use the analytics systems. Sports analytics are used for creating fantasy leagues, giving sports fantasy players access to statistics that enhances their play of the game. It is used to improve scouting, to detect new player unusual talent and evaluate players competitive capability. Using the system, the agent gains competitive advantage with teams when they present analysis about the players they represent

Sports analytics has become the model for predictive sports business decision making. The sports business has been reorganized among teams, inspired by sports analytics. Analytics are finding innovative use in sports, leading to models for organizing and managing teams.

Sports analytics market driving forces relate to the ability to improve winning percentages and decrease the cost of paying players. By implementing metrics functions that describe how to put together a winning team without a very high payroll, sports analytics provide a winning edge to team management. Analytics are used to figure out how a team can improve fan appeal.

In hockey, analytics has been adopted big time, the trend this summer of 2015 has been for NHL clubs to hire bloggers and website operators so their content is proprietary. Shift charts represent an image of changing data. In the chart above, the numbers along the top represent the shifts played during the game. The black lines represent goals scored and show what line was on the ice offensively and defensively for each goal scored in each period, period one, period two, and period three.

Sports analytics are about patterns, detecting patterns and attaching value to them by being able to predict better what players will succeed and what players will do well in a certain system. The patterns apply to teams, to players and to fans.

The data about the sport is relevant in a lot of different ways, some teams are more able than others to harness the patterns to their benefit. Does it make a difference? Do the teams with better analytics win? Apparently so. The MIT sports analytics conference is a testament to the value of technology in sports.

Play of the Game is what makes sports entertainment, and the players entertainers. Hockey is a particularly appealing sport because it has so much player contact. It is a contact sport. Some of the better plyers play with finesse. Ovechkin for example, who had 27 even-strength goals this season (fifth in the league) and who scored a league-leading 24 power play goals is fun to watch. He is a premier player because of style and this makes him a fan favorite.

According to Susan Eustis, principal author of the market research study, “Sports teams have discovered that with intelligent use of sports analytics they can dominate a league. As the early adopters prove that analytics make the difference between winning and losing, all teams, mangers, and fantasy sports players have adopted use of the solutions creating market growth opportunities.”

Sports analytics market size at $764.3 million in 2016 is anticipated to reach $15.5 billion by 2023. Significant growth is driven by the ability to improve coaching, provide players with specific strategies for improving performance, preventing fraud in wagering situations, and leveraging smart phone and social media to process information about performance improvement. Fans thrive on having more information about a game they are watching. Mega data center cloud computing market penetration is building a base for process improvemenets. With smart phones and tablets beginning to get significant uptake all over the world sports analytics play into that market expansion.

Companies Profiled

Market Leaders

• Sportradar AG
• Perform / Opta
• Stats / Prozone
• Formula 1
• Catapult
• TruMedia
• Sportvision

Market Participants

• Advanced Sports Analytics
• Analytics Educational
• Associated Press
• Bulz
• Catapult: NHL Technology Reduces Injuries
• CBS Sports Analytics
• Competitive Sports Analysis
• Formula One
• Fox What If Embraces Technology as It Redefines Sports Competition
• Google Analytics
• Kinduct Athlete Management System
• Major League Baseball (MLB) Teams
• Motor Sports Analytics
• National Football League (NFL)
• Nike+
• Oracle
• Perform / Opta Pro
• Ramp Holdings
• Second Spectrum
• SmartSports
• Sports Analytics Institute
• Sportradar AG
• Sports Media Technology (SMT) / Sportvision
• Sports Vision Technologies
• Statistical Sports Consulting
• Synergy Sports
• Vista Equity Partners / STATS
• TruMedia Networks
• Zebra Technologies Sports Solutions

Key Topics

• Smart Analytics Products
• Sports Analysis Software
• Sports Health Consultant
• Sports Medicine Clinic
• Sports Video Analysis Software
• Sports Software
• Sports Performance
• Video Analysis Software
• Baseball Swing Analysis Software
• Golf Swing Analysis Software
• Motion Analysis Software
• Football Analysis Software
• Soccer Analysis Software
• Sports Cloud Architecture
• Sports Analysis Mobile Architecture
• Cloud Computing
• Sports
• Sports Planning
• Sports Training
• Sports Coaching
• Sports Winning
• Sports Player Selection
• Sports Betting
• Sports Fantasy Games
• Sports Application Middleware
• Sports Analysis Forecasts
• Sports Analysis Market Shares
• Sports Analysis Web Services
• SOA Governance
• SOA Repository
• SOA Directory
• SOA Advances In Technology
• Services Oriented Architecture (SOA)
• Flexible Applications
• Middleware
• Application Service Levels
• Sports Analytics Flexible Response To Changing Market Conditions
• Innovation For Leagues
• Sports Management Innovation For Team
• Sports Management Innovation
• Sports Software Localization

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