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Digital Economy: Technology Service to Unions

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WinterGreen Research



Published On:

December 2017

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“Digital Economy: Technology Service to Unions” a way for inion leaders to get quick and accurate insight into technology that relates to their charter of serving workers well. The WinterGreen Research technology information services include provide immediate answers to questions, with the answers providing a key insight about the details of the technology and the relevance to a particular issue.

The service also addresses ways to create jobs and support innovation with skills training at union headquarters to address teamwork for raising skills in an entire group of local union members. By concentrating on skills, the union would be one of supporting worker mobility. Because the union members are the most skilled at what they do, the benefit of grouping together in the union would be to achieve shared expertise and shared values that the employers need.

This is in the tradition of the union movement, but changes the positioning a little and may be more attractive to workers who need representation in various work capacities relating to robots, artificial intelligence, and new materials.

In an era when skills have come to be valued, when retraining is a necessity, and when robots threaten to replace most manual labor, I suggest that the unions embrace robots and learn how to create skilled workforces that perform jobs that are relevant to the modern industrial culture. I suggest that the task of the union is not just to find workfor the worker, but to create investments and savings for the same workers, create money management capability with benefit that flows to every worker in the union, local union or national union.

Key Topics

• Technology Service to Unions
• Digital Economy
• Innovation
• Self-Driving Cars
• Lidar
• Bio-Materials
• Nanotechnology
• Robots
• Artificial Intellience (AI)
• Mega Data Centers
• Watson Data Platform
• 400G Optical Transceivers
• 400G Transmitter / Transceivers
• Mega Datacenter
• Online Commerce
• Streaming Video
• Social Networking
• Cloud Services
• Scalable Infrastructure
• IoT Internet of Things