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Destination Market Insights: Morocco - Analysis of source markets, infrastructure and attractions, risks and opportunities

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September 2017

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Destination Market Insights: Morocco - Analysis of source markets, infrastructure and attractions, risks and opportunities


GlobalData's "Destination Market Insights: Morocco", provides in-depth analysis of a tourist destination, in this case for Morocco. The report explores the locations largest inbound tourist markets, infrastructure and attractions, as well as risks and opportunities. The report provides clear insight into current and future tourism developments in the country.

Morocco is one of Africa's leading tourist markets, with more than 10 million visitors in 2016. The country aims to grow the industry significantly, with the Moroccan Department of Tourism's 2020 Tourism Strategy hoping to double the size of the tourist industry and make Morocco one of the top 20 tourist destinations in the world. The country's tourism industry is currently experiencing fast growth and major construction projects are happening across Morocco as a result. However, the industry still faces a number of challenges.


- The number of international arrivals will have grown by 33.3% between 2010 and 2020. France is the country's largest inbound market, but the number of Chinese arrivals is growing quickly.
- The number of hotels in the country is expected to increase by 5.5% (CAGR) between 2016 and 2021: the largest increase is in the luxury hotel market which is expected to experience growth of 8.3% CAGR between 2016 and 2021.
- Marrakech is the most popular tourist destination in the country, comprising 34.5% of total overnight stays in Morocco in 2016. Thus, the city is home to a large share of tourist related construction projects, including numerous hotel projects and a new airport which is due to open in 2030.

Reasons To Buy

- This report provides clear insight into developments in a fast growing tourist market.
- The report uses data and analysis to explore future trends related to international arrivals, airlines, and hotel developments.
- The reader gains a strong understanding of the opportunities in the country, as well as the risks, to support better business decisions.
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